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The 菠菜信誉网站’s 职业发展中心 creates many opportunities for employers from around the state, 地区, or country to interact with and recruit talented and well-qualified students.

Nationally Recognized Center for 职业发展

The 菠菜信誉网站’s 职业发展中心, a comprehensive career planning and employment center for students of all majors and classifications, has been named one of the best in the nation by 《pk菠菜网》.

Our new ChargerLink system puts the power in your hands to view top matches for your open positions and start a conversation. The Center’s staff can connect employers and recruiters to candidates through information sessions, guest speaking opportunities, 校园面试, and online job postings via:


Fall 2021 Virtual Career Expo


9月. 22, 2021

1 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Career Fair plus 虚拟招聘会 Platform

Meet with our top students & alumni from all undergraduate and graduate programs virtually on our Career Fair Plus Platform! You will have the opportunity to share information about your organization and open roles with individual students are groups via chat or video!


$150 - Non-Profit Organization
$250 - For-Profit Organization
Sponsorship Opportunities Available!


  • Access to the Career Fair Plus software via app or web
  • Virtual Booth (available for viewing for the full week)
  • 调度援助

For all questions, please 电子邮件 或打电话 (203) 479-4858.

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2nd Annual Connecticut Regional Cybersecurity & 科技虚拟职业博览会

2022 STEM Virtual Career Expo


2月. 24, 2022

1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Meet with students in a virtual booth that mimics a live career fair! We will guide you through setting up your booth, managing appointments and adding company and job content!

Majors attending range from genetics & 生物技术, 海洋生物学, 火灾科学, 法医科学, civil/mechanical/industrial/chemical engineering, 网络安全, 计算机科学, 数学, 物理, 和更多的!


$150 - Non-Profit Organization
$225 - For-Profit Organization

For all questions, please 电子邮件

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  • Online Job and Internship Postings via ChargerLink
  • 简历推荐计划
  • 校园面试 & 信息表
  • Guest Speaker Opportunities
  • Connect with Campus Clubs and Organizations
  • Networking 事件 with Students & 校友
  • Access to University’s 校友 Network
  • Job Shadow and Mentoring Opportunities
  • Assistance in Creating a Robust Internship Program
  • Salary Information and 招募ing Trend Data


"The 菠菜信誉网站’s 职业发展中心 takes great pride in partnering with you to support your recruitment efforts to hire the best and brightest and to enhance your involvement with University students, 教师, 和管理." Matt Caporale, Executive Director, 职业发展中心